Vision Statement:

To be a socially conscious brand providing healthy beauty and lifestyle products/services crafted to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate modern men and women's skin with quality service delivery, all at an affordable prices.


Mission Statement:

A healthy brand and destination for quality and affordable products and services, making every visit/purchase a rewarding relationship.


About us

The line - Natroyals (a blend of Nature and Royalty) was born out of my passion to create products that contribute to beauty, health, wellbeing, peace of mind and protect our environment using pure, beneficial and harmless natural ingredients.

As a certified and professionally trained organic cosmetics formulator, we make carefully crafted skincare products using all natural and high performance ingredients sourced within Africa and overseas.

Our goal is to help modern men and women nourish their skin to feel the nobility and luxury of royalties. Our products made with love are created from nature’s amazing gifts (plants, oils, clays, herbs, hydrosols, etc.) to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate you and your skin and our packaging is done with eco-friendly containers.

We also stock pure natural and organic skincare ingredients such as butters, oils, hydrosols, additives, accessories and other beauty and lifestyle products.

The founder is a wife and mother, with Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetics Science and Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration and a Human Resource Management professional. All these knowledge/experiences are blended into our brand to give you and your skin a special pamper and nourishment befitting royals like you!

Our Core Values are SHARP where

S = Simplicity: Everything about us; from our products formulation to service delivery is plain and uncomplicated. We love to ‘KIS’ (Keep It Simple)

H = Honesty: Our honour and integrity is a bond we strive to keep always

A = Approachable: We are friendly, easy to talk to and accessible 24/7

R = Reliable: Our quality is consistently trustworthy

P = Passionate: Our affection for human life is the driving force of the brand